Welcome to the Adventure!

I’ve contemplated long and hard about why I am writing this blog.   I attempted to begin this process during the months of my wedding engagement…

Oh how I loved planning my wedding.  I loved  looking at the wedding beauty on sites like “Style Me Pretty” and “Once Wed.” We created our wedding website on WeddingWire.com and I joined the bloggers at GetMarried.com. I’ve enjoyed reading the planning adventures of Bicoastal Bride, Thoughts of an All Consumed Bride, and wish I could have worked out with The Relentless Bride.  My creativity gene was in full mode… until life hit.

During the engagement there were several months of very little wedding planning, and much emotional processing.   There is an emotional side of this marriage journey that starts even before the I Do’s.  My Mr. and I always viewed this relationship as a journey, an adventure. What no one told us is that this adventure of joining two lives can feel downright scary and exhilarating at the same time.

Well, the planning is finished.  Bicoastal Bride, All Consumed Bride, The Relentless Bride, and I are all married now.   I had an amazing wedding weekend and honeymoon.  I L.O.V.E. being married to my Mr.  Both of us found it an amazing experience to wake up on our wedding day without any nervousness or anxiety.  We had earned the emotional freedom to celebrate our day because of the time and energy we had spent facing (and settling) any questions or reserves we had about getting married.

Through this blog I will walk a fine line between being respectful to our privacy as a couple and being truly honest about the transition from total long-term adult independence  (we are 49 & 38 y.o.) to a life as one.

Will you join us for the adventure?

The Mrs.

ps… still looking for just right name for this blog.

If you’ve got a brilliant idea (that I could freely use), please post it in the comments section.

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