I’m back……

… or can I even say I’m back when I only had a few posts a few months ago.  I am such a blog addict and totally impressed with folks who post daily.  I’m not sure whether that will ever be me, but I’m going to start with a 2 post/week commitment.  That seems doable, reasonable.

Actually, I think I read so many great blogs that my tendency toward perfectionism rises up.  I mean, I drafted the first paragraph if this post on January 24.  The 24th!!!  This really doesn’t have to be all that difficult.  It’s just sharing my thoughts, my life.  Why should I be so concerned about readers that I don’t even have yet?

I think that’s it…. that I want to connect with others through this venture, and may be afraid that no one will stick around for the journey.  Well, tonight (February 9, 2011), I decided I need to quit being a wuss and dive in.  So, here I am.  For good or bad.

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