Hot Hearts for Valentine’s

Day 2 of Love Week was a success with my Mr.  He loved these Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls inspired by Pinch My Salt, but they were quite an adventure to make.

We recently received my fav wedding registry items:  Kitchenaid Professional 5 Plus*.   This was one of the few must have dream of having – since I was a kid –  items on the registry.  Here’s the adventure: this cinnamon roll recipe was the first time using the mixer so I  had to figure out what settings and attachments to use while also managing to screw up several steps of the recipe.   I was not sure these things would turn out.   (Really, the recipe was great.  I just had too many distractions around me and didn’t read carefully.)

I decided that if the rolls came out terrible, then I would just have to come up with another plan for my Mr’s treat.  Flexibility is actually one of the things I love about our relationship.  During our wedding week, we were trying to finish so many projects.  Our to-do list was insanely comical.  Throughout that week, we would touch base and inevitably one of us would say, “I just don’t think ‘x’ is going to be finished.  Are we going to keep it or nix it?”  It was fun to see how well we could together decide the priorities and keep ourselves sane and having fun.

With the cinnamon rolls, I was determined to keep my sanity and ‘roll’ with the punches.    They came out of the oven looking decent.  I had hope.  I added the cream cheese icing and took a test bite.  They were amazing!!  Thank goodness!

I boxed the cinnamon rolls and ran them over to the Mr.’s office where he enjoyed them the rest of the afternoon… and shared a few with coworkers.  He finished the last of them tonight… and I swear they tasted even better warmed over today.

It has been really fun to invest in our relationship.  Some of you may say, “wow!  I don’t have time for all this!”  I do understand.  I adjusted my projects/plans based on what was doable for me.  Today I simply delivered a funny valentine’s card to his office.  It’s all I could manage in this day, but it still showed my Mr he is important in my life.  After I get in a groove with blogging regularly, I plan to add bits of data and research to explain logically why making investments like this (not just at valentine’s) is so important to healthy relationships.

One note: you must learn what kind of investments have meaning to your partner.  If you’re giving out of what makes you feel loved, they may miss your intended message.  Find out what makes your partner feel loved and then act through those ideas.  More on that later…. (or feel free to read Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts”)

What does your partner do that most makes you feel loved?


* Still celebrating that I got the mixer on sale + 20% coupon + free shipping + 2% reward.  Woohoo!
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