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WordPress is concerned about all of us WP users staying healthy and are now promoting a Worldwide WP 5k (3.1 miles: about 45 – 1 hour walk) during the week of April 4 – 10.  Click the link above for more details.

What a great idea!  Will you participate?


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All for a Plate of Waffles

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The past few weeks have been quite a doozy. The Mr’s parents (age 90 & 93) live with us; one with Alzheimer the other with vascular dementia. Most days I enjoy being with them, but some weeks are just tough and try my patience. Thank goodness we have some great caregivers who help us throughout the workday. Several times I have sat down to write a post and I just feel too exhausted to pull my thoughts together. Right now, I have several blog posts in my head (including the one I referenced last time on love languages) and will take time this weekend to get them flowing onto the screen.

For now, I’ll just share a learning moment from my marriage. One particular tough day of helping out with the parents, I cooked supper. It took me longer than I expected because I could hardly think straight. I actually would have preferred going to sleep than eating. So, when my dear Mr abandoned me with all the clean up, I wanted to cry. See normally the cook cleans most of the cooking mess before supper, and then we clean the after-supper mess together.  I couldn’t figure out why he just left and curled up on the sofa with a book. I said, “um, dear, are you finished in the kitchen for the night?” His reply, “yeah, I think so.” Seriously??!!!! Continue reading

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Hot Hearts for Valentine’s

Day 2 of Love Week was a success with my Mr.  He loved these Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls inspired by Pinch My Salt, but they were quite an adventure to make.

We recently received my fav wedding registry items:  Kitchenaid Professional 5 Plus*.   This was one of the few must have dream of having – since I was a kid –  items on the registry.  Here’s the adventure: this cinnamon roll recipe was the first time using the mixer so I  had to figure out what settings and attachments to use while also managing to screw up several steps of the recipe.   I was not sure these things would turn out.   (Really, the recipe was great.  I just had too many distractions around me and didn’t read carefully.) Continue reading

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Lovin’ My Husband This Week

Mom always made Valentine’s Day fun for us growing up and I loved giving Valentine’s cards to my classmates.  Oh! and the fun of making  my card box.  Total bliss!  However, the years between middle school and dating my husband found me quite apathetic about Valentine’s day… not negative, just not caring about it one way or another.

Since I began sharing Valentine’s with my Mr. 3 years ago, it has been loads more fun, but instead of it being a special day to spend all our $$ I see it as a reminder of how I should show love to my Mr. throughout the year.

This week I’m trying to be creative in how I am lovin’ my husband.   I enjoy doing a mix of things: fun, romantic, childish, practical.  Just something to say ILY!  Yesterday I started the week by kidnapping his car (or is that carnapping?) from the office and had it cleaned inside and out.  It was especially nasty from our trip last week through Northern Vermont‘s snowy roads.  The snow was beautiful and made skiing a blast, but our car was an absolute mess.  The Mr. had been meaning to clean it since we had returned and he totally enjoyed coming out  of the office and finding a spotless car free of salty sludge.

I also left a cutesy gift for him in the car.  Through my blog browsing, I found a cute boy’s valentine on 30HandmadeDays.  So I did a variation of “I Wheelie Like You” and filled a brown paper lunch with a  small bag of granola, a bag of SweetTart hearts, some Jolly Rancher Lollipops, and then sealed the bag with the print-out and a police matchbox car.  It ended up being a great snack for his drive home from work.

Today, I’m breaking out the baking skills and making these Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls inspired by Pinch My Salt.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

How do you and your partner celebrate Valentine’s (or not)?

What are the special ways you show love to your partner throughout the year?

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I’m back……

… or can I even say I’m back when I only had a few posts a few months ago.  I am such a blog addict and totally impressed with folks who post daily.  I’m not sure whether that will ever be me, but I’m going to start with a 2 post/week commitment.  That seems doable, reasonable.

Actually, I think I read so many great blogs that my tendency toward perfectionism rises up.  I mean, I drafted the first paragraph if this post on January 24.  The 24th!!!  This really doesn’t have to be all that difficult.  It’s just sharing my thoughts, my life.  Why should I be so concerned about readers that I don’t even have yet?

I think that’s it…. that I want to connect with others through this venture, and may be afraid that no one will stick around for the journey.  Well, tonight (February 9, 2011), I decided I need to quit being a wuss and dive in.  So, here I am.  For good or bad.

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